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        1. TruckWorks. Our range of services for commercial vehicles

          In 2009, Mercedes-Benz started offering TruckWorks, an all-inclusive, one-stop shop in Germany for commercial vehicle services. In some 100 TruckWorks depots, customers use the extensive range of services for tractor units, trailers, semitrailers, extensions, attachments and bodies. All TruckWorks depots offer maintenance, repairs, assembly maintenance, legal checks, on-site repairs, vehicle cleaning and valeting, truck tyre service, and much more.

          Universal network with extensive service

          The workshops stand out for the comprehensive range of services offered. All TruckWorks depots, for example, offer customer-oriented extended opening hours: they are open for a minimum of 14 hours a day during the week, and for at least eight hours on a Saturday. Further plus points include Mercedes-Benz Service24h, tyre service for trucks, a collect and deliver service, vehicle cleaning and valeting, mobility solutions and an appropriate infrastructure in a good location that is easy to get to.

          TruckWorks is only available in Germany.

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