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        1. TruckStore. Our used vehicle organisation

          TruckStore, Europe's largest dealer in used trucks, is responsible for the professional operation of our used truck business on an international basis. Its range includes all vehicles from 7.5 tons up to 40 tons of any brand or age, and with any body. TruckStore also accepts trucks of all other brands in part exchange, both individual vehicles and complete fleets.

          Uniform standards across Europe

          TruckStore has 28 sites in 14 European countries, which means that the same high standard applies from Poland to Portugal and from Sweden to Greece. We hold an average of 4000 vehicles in stock, all over Europe. Every vehicle, anywhere in Europe, is checked according to a uniform set of standards, then evaluated and categorized as a Gold, Silver or Bronze-level product. This ensures that every vehicle delivers what it promises. On top of this we offer an extensive range of services, including leasing, financing, the TruckStore warranty and a buy-back agreement made at the time of purchase.

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