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        1. Setra. The Sign of Excellence

          Setra stands for partnership and passion, and as the leading premium bus and coach manufacturer meets the highest standards of excellence in respect of perfection, aesthetics and fascination. Setra creates highlights in engineering, equipment and design and offers customized products with high flexibility.

          When it comes to luxury-class touring coaches and intercity buses, the name Setra is sure to be mentioned. Setra buses and coaches not only stand for innovation, high quality and top-level comfort, they also stand for modern solutions tailored to the requirements and needs of today's customers. This way Setra offers its customers maximum overall economic efficiency, no matter which category they may choose: TopClass, ComfortClass or MultiClass.

          The highest safety standards, economic efficiency and the comprehensive vehicle-specific service offer under OMNIplus are a matter of course for Setra. And beyond that the Setra brand impresses with its knowledge of customers as well as the personal and dedicated customer care it provides. With BusStore - the brand for used vehicles in Europe - our customers can avail themselves of a partner they can depend upon when they buy one of your pre-owned buses and coaches.

          Focusing on our customers' requirements

          Setra. The Sign of Excellence. Setra buses and coaches are characterised by:

          • perfection, aesthetics and fascination,
          • top-level comfort and safety,
          • high-level cost-effectiveness and
          • technical innovations

          Historical facts about the brand

          Since 1995 Setra has belonged - as a Daimler AG brand - to EvoBus GmbH, with representation in Europe, the US and in China via a license agreement.

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