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        1. Dividend. Basic information, important dates and long-term development

          Please find below the dividends per share and pay-out ratios of the last five financial years.

          Financial Year Dividends per share (in Euro) Pay-Out Ratios (in percent)
          2018 3.25 48%
          2017 3.65 37%
          2016 3.25 41%
          2015 3.25 40%
          2014 2.45 38%

          Daimler sets the dividend based on a distribution ratio of 40% of the net profit attributable to Daimler shareholders.

          Dividend dates of the Daimler ordinary share (DDAIF) in 2019

          • Dividend resolution at Annual Meeting: May 22, 2019
          • Ex-dividend date: May 23, 2019
          • Payable date: May 27, 2019

          Dividend and common stock capital since 1988

          The document "Dividend and Common Stock Capital" contains the following annual data i.e. for Daimler, DaimlerChrysler, as well as for Daimler-Benz and Chrysler Corporation:

          • dividend per share
          • gross dividend
          • payment date
          • common stock capital
          • no. of issued shares

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