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        1. The Daimler Shares. Attractive prospects in the automotive industry

          For over 100 years, Daimler shares have been the investment in the inventors of the automobile.

          Stock Market Price of the Daimler share

          Here you can select a certain time period for the share price development – and pick different metrics. Additionally you can download historical prices since November 12, 1998.

          Facts about Daimler Shares

          The Daimler share is listed at the stock exchanges in



          With a weighting of 4.67% (2017: 6.79%), Daimler was ranked eighth in the German share index DAX 30 at the end of 2018. In the Euro STOXX 50 index, our shares had a weighting of 1.93% (2017: 2.92%), which put Daimler in nineteenth place. A substantial number of Daimler shares are also traded on multilateral trading platforms and in the over-the-counter market.

          Class of shares registered shares, ordinary shares only, no preferred shares
          Capital stocks
          as of December 31, 2018
          EUR 3,069.6 million
          Number of shares
          as of December 31, 2018
          Latest number of shares Total number of voting rights
          Registered Office Stuttgart, Germany
          Ticker symbol DAI
          Ticker symbol Reuters DAIGn.DE
          Ticker symbol Bloomberg DAI:GR
          Ticker symbol in USA DDAIF
          German Security Identification Number (WKN) 710 000
          ISIN DE 000 7100000
          Average daily trading volume
          German Xetra, Full Year 2018
          4.2 million shares
          Paying agent Deutsche Bank AG, Taunusanlage 12, 60325 Frankfurt am Main

          Performance Calculator

          With the performance calculator tool you may calculate the value and the performance of your Daimler shares for a chosen period. For the calculation you may also include the dividends paid. (Assumption: reinvesting dividends at payment date.)

          Please enter either the number of your Daimler shares and the date of purchase. (The calculation is based on the XETRA closing price of the relevant date of purchase.) or the amount of capital invested and the date of purchase.

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