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        1. e-service for Shareholders

          Please refer to our paragraph on North America if you live in the United States of America or Canada and want to read about the agent service for Daimler shareholders in these countries.

          In Europe/Asia

          The e-service provides Daimler shareholders with a current access to the company in an up-to-date manner around the world. The service is open to our shareholders all year round. Have you moved? Do you want access to the share register while on holiday? There are numerous situations in which the e-service at


          with its extended opportunities would be helpful:

          • Switch to e-mail distribution of Annual Meeting invitations, because it is more environmentally friendly and more cost-effective than distribution of paper documents
          • Reduce your mail by combining multiple shareholder numbers or multiple Annual Meeting invitations
          • Edit your personal settings (e-mail address, preferred language, password)
          • View, and if necessary, update your data in the share register yourself (residential address, mailing address, date of birth, phone or fax numbers, name spelling)
          • Obtain information, e.g. our e-mailing service (capital market news, announcements, financial reports) or ask individual questions via e-mail

          We ask you for your understanding that due to legal reasons this service is not available for

          • change of the account format (single shareholder/group of shareholders (e.g. married couples, associations))
          • change of name

          Link Market Services (Frankfurt) GmbH provides the Daimler Shareholder Service for Europe/Asia. Feel free to contact them about your individual account administration, changes of address or the annual meeting:

          Link Market Services (Frankfurt) GmbH
          P.O. Box 1207
          65742 Eschborn
          (International) Phone: +49 (0) 6196 8870 700
          e-mail: daimler.service@linkmarketservices.de
          (International) Fax: +49 (0) 69 2222 34282

          In North America

          Daimler cooperates with American Stock Transfer & Trust Company as our transfer agent in the United States of America. We encourage our registered US shareholders to take advantage of the services provided by American Stock Transfer & Trust Company. If you hold your stocks through a broker, your administrator will be able to assist you.

          Daimler AG
          c/o American Stock Transfer & Trust Company, LLC
          6201 15th Avenue, 3rd Floor
          Brooklyn, NY 11219
          Attn. Susan Lucanto
          Fax: (001) 718 765-8730
          (toll free) Phone: +1 (0) 866 662 3934
          e-mail: info@amstock.com
          website: www.amstock.com

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