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        1. Annual Meeting 2017

          March 29, 2017 - Annual Shareholders’ Meeting approves constant dividend of €3.25 per share

          At the Annual Shareholders’ Meeting of Daimler AG in Berlin on Wednesday, the shareholders approved a constant dividend of €3.25 per share for financial year 2016. The dividend distribution amounts to €3,477 million and is the highest of the DAX 30 companies to date. The dividend will be paid out on the third business day after the resolution by the Annual Shareholders’ Meeting, April 3, 2017, to all shareholders who held shares in Daimler AG on March 29, 2017.

          Overview of the most important results:

          Dividend per share €3.25
          Dividend distribution €3,477 million
          Board of Management ratification 99.22%
          Supervisory Board ratification 96.42%
          Share capital represented 49.18%

          The Annual Shareholders’ Meeting reelected Dr. Clemens B?rsig, Chairman of the Board of Management of Deutsche Bank Foundation, as a member of the Supervisory Board representing the shareholders. Dr. B?rsig has been a member of the Supervisory Board and the Audit Committee of Daimler AG since 2007 and the Chairman of the Audit Committee since 2014. In its subsequent meeting, the Supervisory Board reelected Dr. B?rsig as a member of the Audit Committee, which then reelected him as its Chairman.

          Furthermore, Bader Mohammad Al Saad, Managing Director of Kuwait Investment Authority, was also elected as a member of the Supervisory Board representing the shareholders. The period of office of the two newly elected members of the Supervisory Board begins at the end of the 2017 Annual Shareholders’ Meeting and ends with the Annual Shareholders’ Meeting in 2022.

          The actions of the members of the Board of Management were ratified with 99.22% of the votes cast and the actions of the members of the Supervisory Board were ratified with 96.42% of the votes. The adjustment of Supervisory Board remuneration was approved with a vote of 94.70%.

          Approximately 6,200 shareholders attended the Annual Shareholders’ Meeting at CityCube Berlin (2016: 5,500), representing 49.18% of the share capital.

          Streaming of welcome speeches

          The speeches of Manfred Bischoff and Dieter Zetsche are available as video on demand. Watch recording

          To view PDF files you can download the free Adobe Reader.


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