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        1. What a ride! DigitalLife Campus – Global Hackathon Series

          THANK YOU to +300 participants for driving pioneering spirit with us!

          Wow, what a ride, it truly was! With DigitalLife Campus we have concluded our cycle of hackathons in 2016 with 5 great events starting in Stuttgart followed by Beijing, the IAA in Hannover, Bangalore and concluded by Hack.SiliconValley.

          In the shortest amount of time, +300 participants, in 5 locations and on 3 continents, have developed innovative ideas with lots of entrepreneurialism, creativity and team spirit.

          In close cooperation with our experts an abundance of ideas in various topic areas ranging from smart home, health, e-commerce to future mobility and transportation solutions for commercial vehicles were created and prototyped.

          But we do not stop here. With some of the ideas and participants follow-up processes have already been initiated either in terms of continuing to develop the ideas generated as well as to provide various employment opportunities. These are impressive milestones highlighting that hackathons are an innovative platform making it possible to engage with students and young professionals from many different disciplines, who have come up with inspiring and unconventional ideas and thus help shape future mobility and digital transformation at Daimler.

          Details of the Hacks


          With DigitalLife@Daimler we bundle digitalization activities at Daimler to push and initiate digital transformation across all divisions at Daimler.

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