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        1. How to apply?

          The next application period starts on January 15th, 2020.

          Here is a guide to the four-step job application process:

          Step 1:
          Online application
          If you decide to apply for INspire – the Leaders’ Lab, getting started is easy. Simply fill out the online application on our career website. If you like, you can synchronize your LinkedIn profile.
          Step 2:
          INspire Portal
          After uploading your online application, you’ll receive your registration for the INspire Portal. This is your real-time dashboard, keeping you constantly in the loop about the progress you are making. It enables you to start a conversation with our recruiting staff and even lets you link up with other candidates. Through an online video interview and further test modules you will be able to convince us of your skills and personality.
          Step 3:
          The Recruitathon
          After passing the online tests, the best candidates will be selected by a top-management team. After that, you’ll move to the next stage: the Recruitathon – a two and a half days long opportunity for you to show us what you’re made of and to fulfill exciting tasks. There’ll be individual interviews as well as a group innovation challenge to test your teamwork, pioneering spirit, start-up mindset and leadership skills. Following the event, we’ll directly evaluate your overall performance and give you individual feedback.
          Step 4:
          Get IN!
          Congratulations and welcome to INspire – the Leaders’ Lab, now you just need to get ready for your exciting journey towards shaping tomorrow’s mobility together with Daimler.

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