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        1. Who are we looking for?

          Depending on your chosen path, The Mobility Lab comes with different prerequisites. However there are some general characteristics we would like to see in you.

          Do you have got…

          ? a curious character and are never tired of reinventing yourself?
          ? the spirit of a pioneer and enjoy challenging ideas?
          ? a can-do attitude and are not afraid to take on responsibility or move topics ahead?
          ? an inner claim for leadership and, at the same time, are an absolute team-player?
          ? an advanced understanding of digital trends and technologies?
          ? a strong passion for digital mobility solutions, intelligent financial services and the automotive industry? Ideally, you have already gained work experience in these fields (job or internship)?
          ? profound language skills in English? (additional language skills are a plus)
          ? already gained at least six months of international experience? (work or semester abroad).
          ? demonstrated your social and intercultural competencies in activities during your leisure time?

          Then it is now time to choose your path:

          You are always on the hunt for the “next big thing”? Swarm doesn’t make you squirm? Your favorite jewellery is a Blockchain? Then you are destined to become a Digital Innovator.

          Academic requirements:

          You are about to finish or hold a Master’s degree (or PhD) in
          ? Innovation Management,
          ? Business Development,
          ? Business Informatics,
          ? Technical Engineering,
          ? Business Administration
          ? or Economics, focus on IT and/or automotive industry or related.

          Entrepreneurship and a strong pioneering spirit are part of your DNA? You excel in an agile working culture and push for start-up ideas and business innovations? Then the path of the Entrepreneur is right for you.

          Application start: spring 2020
          Lab-Phase: 6-8 weeks

          Academic requirements:

          You are about to finish or hold a Master’s degree (or PhD) in
          ? Entrepreneurship
          ? Creative Mastermind
          ? Enviromental Developer
          ? Social Visionary

          You provide a strong proficiency in data science, have an outstanding knowledge in mathematics and statistics and are experienced with data engineering and Big Data technology. Experience with SCRUM is a plus. Welcome to the path of the Data-Analyst.

          Academic requirements:

          You are about to finish or hold a Master’s degree (or PhD) in
          ? Data Science
          ? Computer Science,
          ? Business Informatics,
          ? Mathematics,
          ? Physics,
          ? Economics,
          ? Technical Engineering
          ? or Business Administration, focus on IT and/or automotive industry or related

          Applicants holding a Bachelor’s degree with work experience (of at least 18 months) in a corresponding working field are welcome to apply.

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