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        1. HeadLights. A Daimler Podcast

          You can find out how beer price correlates with overall economy during a bus ride. You can learn about the research on vehicle connectivity at our Tel Aviv Tech Hub while you’re sweating at the gym. You can listen to someone telling you the special tricks the restorers of our vintage vehicles make use of while you’re driving in your very own car. Or you can find out more about how Daimler shapes the future of mobility while you are talking a walk. In our Daimler Podcast we’ve got them all! This is where our employees from around the world tell their very own stories. No matter whether they work in Sindelfingen or Tel Aviv, no matter whether they are CEO or trainee. The first season ended after 10 episodes, 5 in German and 5 in English, in June 2019. But don’t worry, we are working on a second season which will be published this year!

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