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        1. People of change

          Everyone knows the feeling of jumping into cold water. Of the unknown. The feeling of success. And of failure. People deal with change in different ways. That's why at Daimler we asked: What drives employees? What motivates them and how do they personify their role as a "Game Changer"? Personal insights from colleagues for colleagues, and for those who want to become ones.

          Bestfit Engineer at Daimler, South Africa

          Mashudu Munyai, is telling us why she sees a car door through different eyes than others.

          Big Data Analytics & Innovation

          Chulanga Perera, talks about experiences and mistakes and how he tries every day to help shape the future.

          IT project manager

          Zena Ballout, speaks about intercultural experience and how she has developed.

          Change Communication Consultant

          Stefanos Parussis, drives change forward and gives us an insight into the Group-wide initiative Leadership 2020.

          Product analyst

          Bruna Murcia Santos, likes stability but nevertheless is boldly taking a step into the unknown. Family is especially important to her.

          Innovations and Concepts

          Shiqi Zhang, talks about changing workplaces and how she finds her way in a new environment

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