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        1. Change waits for no one - We shape the future.

          The future of mobility follows new rules. We are ready to write them. We invented the automobile and now, we will be the creator of future mobility, too.

          We continually strive for top performance; we set standards for technology and innovation and we delight our customers time and time again. We have set clear goals; to create the best in class products, become a worldwide growth and technology leader and integrating digitalization into our corporate strategy.

          But the world is changing rapidly, we can no longer use the same leadership and management approaches that we used in the past and expect them to work today. Our approach to leadership needs to adjust to today’s business context which is facing significant shifts and pressures. We have to question the status quo and redefine our processes and in so doing become quicker, more flexible and even better.

          Leadership culture? Cultural leader!

          Products, customer expectations, and our work environments are all changing. We are working on more projects and many of them virtually and digitally. We are marketing and communicating differently and we offer a variety of new products in different markets. New employees have different expectations for their employers compared to previous generations. We are transforming from an automobile manufacturer to a mobility service provider. We are becoming even more global. And we are developing expertise in fields which are outside of our current core competence.

          We are prepared for the change. With a well-defined strategy which will significantly transform our organization. Our goal: to create a collaborative team culture which ensures our continued success.

          Leadership is the key to cultural change. We have defined eight new leadership principles which describe the Leadership behavior and attitude which we value: Purpose, Agility, Empowerment, Driven-to-win, Pioneering Spirit, Learning, Co-Creation, and Customer Orientation.

          A new leadership culture takes time to evolve and requires us to rethink employee development. We will encourage even more team work and collaboration and create new development paths. We will implement new tools and systems for example by including feedback from direct reports, colleagues and team members in our people development processes. We are regularly reviewing the positioning of leadership responsibilities and finding ways to make it easier for team members to make cross functional and international moves.

          We are focused on creating a culture of trust. Approval processes will be limited to a maximum of two approval levels with the goal of becoming faster and limiting bureaucracy. This will enable us to focus on important strategic decisions. Additionally some areas and projects will function without a leadership hierarchy ensuring even more flexibility, our goal for 2020 is to have approximately 20% of the company working in an agile structures.

          We will utilize the power of digital and align our collaboration and our culture around these new possibilities. We are standardizing systems and creating platforms that better connect our teams globally. This enables us to learn from our colleagues and better understand and respond to the digital practices that are developing around the world.

          The first automobile, airbag, ESP, and car2go. The joy of innovation, discovery and improvement is deeply rooted into our DNA. It is these innovations that drive us and keep us inspired. To ensure that we retain our pioneering spirit, we have created the opportunity for all team members to share their ideas freely, with a new innovation management process. For the best ideas we provide resources and project support to ensure their realization.

          Game changing!

          About Leadership 2020

          Considering our environment, we aren’t letting change happen but rather proactively making change happen. Starting in January 2016, the corporate wide initiative of Leadership 2020 has been working on strategic projects to kick start and support cultural change within Daimler. This applies to employee development, decision making processes as well as the organizational structure, work methodology and tools. All the content is being developed by a global team of more than 200 team members and leaders from all levels, different generations and nationalities. Eight agile project teams are each working on one of the initiatives. Each of the eight teams is actively supported by one of the Board Members as a sponsor.

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